Zipline (zipline, trolley)

Zipline (zipline, trolley)

zipline що це ?

Zip-Line — descent with a steeply stretched cable or rope using a block or carabiner. Often, the term “zipline” is applied to small inclined rope descents, which are mostly part of rope parks. The length of such trolleys is up to 50 m. Trolleys can also be independent attractions, reaching in length from 100 meters to 3-4 kilometers, developing speeds of up to 30-110 km/h.

The history of the zipline

Initially, the zip-line was used as a means of transport in some mountainous countries for quite a long time. Even today in remote areas of China, trolls are used as a means of crossing rivers. And in the Australian outback, ziplines are used to deliver food, cigarettes or tools to people working on the other side of a ravine or river. The troops used them to deliver food, mail and ammunition to forward positions during the world wars. Trolleys entered the entertainment world from speleology and mountaineering, where they were used to overcome various obstacles. Athletes often pulled trolleys for training and entertainment, gradually this attraction began to gain popularity.
zipline історія
zipline будівництво

Modern zipline

Zip lines are now used in rope parks as the final obstacle before descending to the ground. It is also one of the elements of the ropes course. The most zipline is Jebel Jais Flight with a length of 2830 meters, a descent speed of 120-150 km/h.

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