Construction of climbing ramps

Будівництво скеледрому

The popularity of the skeledrome long ago conquered the European market. Every 10 Europeans tried this universal simulator for training all muscle groups, developing endurance and willpower. Climbing is suitable for all age groups and there are almost no contraindications. Mountain climbing primarily puts a load on the legs, including developing coordination and balance, strengthening the strength of muscles and tendons, and increasing the flexibility of the joints. By regularly practicing this sport, even in old age, you can not worry about the state of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system.

What is a climbing wall?

Thanks to the rope park from Rope Park, you can give your children the joy of climbing in urban conditions. And if you take into account the fact that it will be designed by professionals, according to all your wishes, this is a double reason for the development of the body and endurance.

Possible variations of the skeledrome do not limit us in space. It can be installed anywhere: at home or on the street, in a school or university, in an entertainment center or in the country.

It will look harmonious everywhere and imitate the natural relief as much as possible. Complete with a rope park or a ski complex, this attraction will be a win-win choice for any type of extreme sports and recreation. Construction technologies of Rope Park climbing ramps meet international standards. We have no competitors in terms of quality, safety and aesthetics. Our climbing wall will be a profitable solution for expanding the range of sports services in the hotel business, sports clubs or amusement parks.

You just need to decide on the target audience, and Rope Park specialists will design exactly the option that suits your purpose.

Скеледром будівництво rope park

Types of climbing ramps

скеледром для дому

For the house

скеледром центр

Skalo Park

мобільний скеледром

Mobile climbing wall

скеледром для торгових центрів

Shopping complexes

скеледром для школи

Sports halls of schools

скеледром для баз відпочинку

For recreation centers

скеледром для фітнес-центрів

Fitness centers

скеледром в басейні

Water escalators

скеледром для дитячих майданчиків

For playgrounds

Order construction of climbing ramps

If you plan to build a climbing wall, be sure to contact professionals. We will be happy to build a swing with a climbing frame or advise you on all construction issues.

Будівництво парків пригод


After filling out the brief, we start designing a new project. From load calculation to 3D model.
Будівництво парків пригод


We produce climbing frame elements at our production facility. We conduct their safety and durability tests. Cover with protection.
Будівництво парків пригод


We go to the place for the final installation of all elements of the skeledrome. We test the safety of operation.
Будівництво парків пригод

Personnel training

If necessary, we prepare methodical materials for your project and conduct personnel training.
Документація на парк


Preparation of a package of documents, certificates for equipment, passports of attractions and others.
Будівництво парків пригод

Technical support of the project

We carry out prevention and inspection of all elements of the skeledrome.

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