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Canopy Tours

Do you want to experience the excitement of a zipline in harmony with the surrounding nature? Then you will be interested in ziplining from Rope-park. Ziplining includes a series of ziplines, platforms, transitions and bridges to allow participants to experience the thrill of a bird’s-eye view. Participants can combine the climb up with a view of the panorama surrounding the beauty of nature.

Ziplining (Canopy Tours) is

Ziplining (English ziplining) or Canopy Tours is an entertainment in which a person on special equipment moves through a forest massif, overcoming distances at a height. During ziplining, the participant is attached to a rope that is stretched between trees or other supports and flies above the ground using the force of gravity.

Canopy Tour (English Canopy Tours) is an excursion through the upper levels of the forest with the help of special bridges, platforms and forest paths. Participants can observe wildlife and animals at heights where they normally live in their habitats.

Both types of active recreation provide participants with the opportunity to enjoy nature and feel adrenaline. Ziplining and Canopy Tours are popular with outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and people looking for new and exciting outdoor activities.

Зіплайнінг (Canopy Tours)

Description of routes

Imagine climbing a tower to the tops of the trees, then zipping between trees or platforms set high above the ground. Ziplining by Rope Park gives participants a unique sense of nature, an awe-inspiring experience and an exciting chance to soar to the treetops like birds. Ziplines can be 50 to 100 meters long or more, depending on the specific situation. They can be used to connect platforms located on trees, poles or steep cliffs. We can also enhance ziplining through passages and bridges, giving participants the opportunity to visit a natural environment, in a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Our certified engineers and ziplining experts take great care to preserve the environment. Our systems help protect the health of trees and preserve their beauty as well as the natural environment.

Опис маршрутів Зіплайнінг

Features of ziplining

All of our ziplines (constructed with 12mm steel cable) use one of two braking systems that smoothly stop all participants at the finish area, ensuring a fun, fast and safe ride! We offer self-adjusting magnetic braking systems so that participants can brake safely and comfortably on the cable car. We also offer semi-automatic systems that use brake blocks and weight to slow participants as they approach the platform. Both systems automatically apply the brakes and automatically reset to reduce the chance of operator error. Our playgrounds are engineered to provide maximum safety and are backed by a warranty. Also, the joints used by our specialists are made of galvanized structural steel, which prevents rust and corrosion.

Характеристики зіплайнінгу

Insurance system

Our trolley systems are distinguished by their visual appeal and complete safety, which cannot but cause a stir! Each of our projects receives the same level of service and security, regardless of size, location or investments. As a result, all of our ziplines are safe, aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Система страхування зіплайнінг

Order the construction of ziplining (Canopy Tours):

If you plan to build a zipline, be sure to contact professionals. We will be happy to build a zip line or advise you on all issues of construction of this attraction.

Будівництво парків пригод


After filling out the brief, we start designing a new project. From load calculation to 3D model of future ziplining.
Будівництво парків пригод


We produce elements of future ziplines at our production facility. We conduct their safety and durability tests. Cover with protection.
Будівництво парків пригод


We leave for the final installation of all elements. We test ziplining for operational safety.
Будівництво парків пригод

Personnel training

We prepare methodical materials for your project and conduct personnel training.
Документація на парк


Preparation of a package of documents, certificates for equipment, passports of attractions and others.
Будівництво парків пригод

Technical support of the project

We carry out prevention and inspection of all elements of ziplining.

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