Construction of houses on trees


Quite often, we all want to be children, to put aside worries and problems, to immerse ourselves in a carefree childhood. Almost everyone in childhood dreamed of their own little tree house, where you can hide from the outside world and build your own. But for most, dreams remained dreams, and the treehouses were never built.

Our company says “NO” to broken dreams! We are ready to implement them and build a real tree house for you and your children. Moreover, modern tree houses are not at all like small huts or birdhouses, our designers are ready to develop an individual and stylized project, which is not inferior in functionality and beauty to an ordinary house.

How to build a tree house?

I follow the plan and tips below to build a house myself.

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Tree house construction plan


Choosing a tree for the house

The tree for the house must be healthy. It is also worth paying attention to the age of the tree, it should not be old or very young. The tree must be healthy, mature, strong and alive. Maples, oaks, apple trees and Christmas trees are ideal for construction. It is optimal to invite a specialist of our company to inspect the tree before construction, he will be able to determine how strong the roots are and how developed they are, the presence of parasites and diseases. The further fate of the project depends on the choice of tree. For a house 2.5 x 2.5 meters, the tree should have a diameter of at least 30 centimeters (diameter = circle / 3.14).

If the trees are in a public place, the company’s specialists will be able to help you in obtaining construction permits.

House planning

After choosing a tree, it is necessary to start planning the future house. For this, the tree, its shape and its main branches are measured in detail. We choose a suitable concept from a ship to a fortress, with the help of special programs we make a plan and visualization of the future house. At this stage, it will be possible to identify all potentially dangerous areas and secure them. Advice: you should not build a house at a height of more than 3 meters, it is also necessary to install a railing 95 centimeters high, and there should be no more than 10 cm between the posts. When drawing up a plan, you should pay attention to the growth rate of the tree.


Stairs, bridge, rope...

The method of getting into the tree house plays an equally important role in planning. It is worth thinking about the entrance options, they should correspond to the general concept, and most importantly, they should be safe. Of the simple options, you can use ordinary ladders, rope or classic. From the more complex options, you can highlight suspension or drawbridges, elements of a rope park or rope elevators. You should also not forget that you can also make additional exits from ropes, a slide or a stretched rope trolley.


Instructions for building a tree house:

For handymen, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the instructions for building the simplest house.

1. Select a tree by following the instructions. This type of house requires two branches in the shape of a Latin “V”.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

2. Next, on each V-branch, make 2 holes on different sides, 9 cm deep. Use a level, otherwise the house will turn out to be crooked. Instead of holes, we recommend using alternative and environmentally friendly fastening methods, clamps, crimping and others that do not harm trees. Call us and we will choose a fastening method for you.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

3. Measure the distance between the holes on each side. You should have 2 dimensions, left and right.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

4. You need to take the length of the measurement from the length of the board, and divide the remainder by two. For example, the size on the left was 2.5 meters, we take this distance from 3 meters, get 50 centimeters, divide by 2, get 25 centimeters. We measure this distance from the edges of the board and mark, check again in the center, the distance between the marks should be 2.5 meters. This is how we achieve a proportional distribution of the load. Repeat with the second board.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

5. Next, we need to make grooves in the places of marks, the width of the groove is 10 cm, 5 cm to the side of the mark. This must be done in order to reduce the influence of the rocking tree on the platform, damper.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

6. We fix the two main supporting bars on the tree. You need to tightly fasten the two slats with grooves to the wood with the help of dowels, do not forget the washers between the board and the bolt.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

7. Place the beams at an equal distance perpendicular to the main floor. For greater reliability, grooves can also be made in these beams. Fasten them with screws.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

8. Attach one more beam to the ends of the installed beams, a rectangle should come out.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

9. Fasten the platform to the main beams with the help of corners.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

10. The side bars must also be fixed with the help of frame fasteners for beams.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

11. Reinforcement of the platform with the help of supports. We considered the support options above. In this version, we will attach 4 supports to the tree. It is necessary to cut the ends of the beams at angles of 45 degrees, for a tight attachment to the platform and the tree.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

12. Lay the floor on the platform.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

13. With the help of beams, we make guides for the handrails of our tree house.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

14. Attach the railing to the guides.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

15. Next, we make walls for the house, in the requested version plywood is used, doors and windows are cut out of it. Plywood is attached between the railing and the platform.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

16. We add stairs, we wrote about the entry and exit options above.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

17. We make a roof, it can be made from the same plywood or tarpaulin.

Будівництво будинків на деревах

18. We paint our tree house.

Будівництво будинків на деревах
Be careful and do not be careless when building a tree house, because its quality is the safety of children! If you dare to build on your own, we recommend that you first consult with our specialists!

Order the construction of a tree house

If you are planning to build a tree house, be sure to contact professionals. We will be happy to build a house or advise you on all construction issues.

Будівництво будинків на деревах


After filling out the brief, we start designing a new project. From the calculation of loads to the 3D model of the future house.
Будівництво парків пригод


We produce elements of the future wooden house at our production facility. We conduct their safety and durability tests. Cover with protection.
Будівництво будинків на деревах


We leave for the final installation of all elements.
Будівництво парків пригод

Technical support of the project

We carry out prevention and inspection of all elements of the house.

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