Construction of observation decks

Будівництво оглядових майданчиків

An observation deck is a site or platform designed for viewing the surrounding area or landscape from a height. Observation decks can be of various shapes and sizes, from small decks on the roofs of buildings to large structures towering above the ground to a considerable height. Observation decks are often built at landmarks, national parks, amusement parks, and other places where visitors can enjoy the view and take photos. In some cases, such platforms can be used to observe natural phenomena, for example, animal migration or the starry sky.

Types of observation decks

There are many types of observation decks that can be provided in different contexts. Below are some of the more common types of observation decks:

  • Rooftop observation decks are decks located on the roof of a building from which you can get a great view of the cityscape.
  • Mountain observation decks are located on mountain tops or plateaus, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area, mountain ranges and valleys.
  • Observation decks in parks and nature reserves are often located on high hills or cliffs, where you can observe animals and birds, as well as enjoy the surrounding nature.
  • Bridge Observation Decks – Many bridges have special viewing decks where you can enjoy views of the river, city or surrounding area.

This is just a small list of different types of observation decks. Depending on the location and purpose, there are many other types of observation decks.

Види оглядових майданчиків
Ідеї для оглядових майданчиків

Ideas for observation decks

Lookout Towers: Tall towers that provide a great view of the surrounding area. Some towers can be transparent or completely enclosed, while others are open and offer visitors the opportunity to feel the wind and hear the sounds of nature.

Cliff Edge or Waterfall Canopies: Canopies built on the edge of a cliff that allow visitors to enjoy a great view of a valley, canyon or waterfall. These structures can come in many shapes and sizes, and can include transparent glass floors and railings to increase the sense of height.

Aerial Bridges and Trails: paths that rise above the ground and provide stunning views of the surrounding area. These paths can be made in various shapes and sizes, and can include hanging bridges, thin metal structures and rope bridges.

Underwater viewing platforms: platforms located underwater in the sea or ocean, which offer a unique view of the underwater world. Such platforms can be equipped with transparent walls and ceilings so that visitors can enjoy the view of marine life.

You can build an observation deck as follows:

Choosing a place. It is necessary to choose a place for an observation deck that has a good view of natural objects or sights.

Creating a project. After choosing a place for the observation deck, it is necessary to develop a construction project. The project should take into account the dimensions of the platform, its height, the number and location of supports, the materials from which the platform will be made, and safety.

Construction of supports. It is necessary to install supports that will hold the platform. Supports can be made of concrete, wood or metal.

Installation of the site. After installing the supports, you can start installing the platform. It can be made of wood, metal, glass or composite materials.

Ensuring security. It is necessary to ensure safety on the site by installing a fence, handrails, anti-slip surfaces and other means.

Decoration. To give the observation deck a more aesthetic look, you can decorate it with decorative elements, add lighting and install benches for visitors.

During the construction of the observation deck, it is necessary to take into account local construction and environmental standards, as well as obtain all necessary permits. It is best to entrust the construction to a professional company with experience in this field.

Побудувати оглядовий майданчик можна так:

Order the construction of observation decks

If you plan to build observation decks, be sure to contact professionals. We will be happy to build a site or advise you on all construction issues.

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After filling out the brief, we start designing a new project. From load calculation to 3D model.
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We produce elements from supports to the platform at our production facility. We conduct their safety and durability tests. Cover with protection.
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We go to the place for the final installation of the observation deck. We test the safety of operation.
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Personnel training

If necessary, we prepare methodical materials for your project and conduct personnel training.
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Preparation of a package of documents, certificates for equipment, passports of attractions and others.
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Technical support of the project

We carry out prevention and inspection of all elements.

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