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Оренда zipline (зіплайн)

As you know, extreme sports are gaining momentum, and more and more people prefer active adventures to passive recreation. One of these adventures can be a zipline – a stretched inclined rope that you can use to ride on a special roller. In the summer, the trolly can end up in the water, which will add extreme sensations.

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Building a stationary zipline for a corporate event (a zipline has proven itself excellently at corporate “Field Days”), holidays or simply for recreation is not cost-effective and expensive, we decided to help customers participate in active recreation, our company Rope Park is ready to offer you trolly rental – it’s affordable and will allow the holiday to be more active, guests will be able to feel the rush of adrenaline.

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Dimensions and installation location

A zipline can be pulled almost anywhere through a river, ravine, from a tree, a house. But sometimes it happens that the rented trolley needs to be stretched on a flat surface without height differences, for example, a stadium, a concert venue, a field, for such cases we are ready to develop special structures and already mount a zipline on them.

Zipline can become an unforgettable feature of any holiday or training!

An example of placing a zipline

Оренда zipline (зіплайн)

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