Stages of project construction

Stages of construction of attractions

The entire process of construction of attractions is divided into 4 main stages:


We build rope parks from reliable template knots, but every installation is unique. With any installation, the wishes of the customers and the peculiarities of the terrain are taken into account. But, unfortunately, a typical and long-calculated solution is not always ideal for all projects.

Our work with you begins with the visit of a specialist to the construction site of the future park or by trolley. On the spot with our agent, you will need to fill out a brief with the main questions, “what are the challenges facing the rope park?” “planned throughput?” etc. Having drawn up a detailed plan for the location of the park and the features of the terrain, we are starting to create a technical task.

Next, we will be able to offer you a couple of optimal implementation options and the approximate cost of the project.

Having agreed with you all the details and options of the future park, we start writing the technical documentation for the production and development of adapted training manuals for the staff.

The duration of the first stage of construction from a week to a month all depends on the efficiency of communication.

Виробництво та монтаж

Production and installation

We use our own production facilities for the production of attraction elements.

All key nodes are produced according to the approved and agreed project. In production, the details of the rope park are prepared in advance, which allows you to greatly reduce the installation time and avoid marriage.

Delivery – we use our logistics department, which significantly reduces the costs and speed of delivery of the disassembled park to the construction site.

All installation works are carried out in accordance with the project documentation and compliance with ACCT and ERCA standards. To perform construction work, our experienced specialists use professional equipment, as well as comply with all safety regulations.

The final stage of installation is the testing of all critical elements and nodes with a complete overview of the park.

Personnel training

Staff training is one of the most important stages of comprehensive project preparation. Using methodological recommendations developed for your project, our specialist will conduct a training course for your employees. After the courses, all methodical materials remain with you.

The curriculum consists of the following sections:

Навчання персоналу
Технічний супровід проєкту

Technical support of the project

The project documentation includes instructions on how to conduct all types of inspections of the rope park:

  • Daily overview of equipment and stages.
  • Monthly control review of the main hard-to-reach items and insurance.
  • Annual full inspection of the park.

After training, employees of the high-altitude complex will have sufficient qualifications to conduct all types of inspections. However, we recommend to invite our specialist every year to monitor the work process of the employees of the high-rise park and study the condition of all important nodes and the condition of the material of the parts. At the end of the inspection, you will receive a full documented report on the condition of the complex, as well as on the work of employees from the point of view of safety.

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