Safety of projects

Safety of rope parks, ziplines and other attractions

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the construction of various rope parks and trolleys. We develop different park designs, individual stages, in different park locations, but our priority for all the parks we build is Safety!

The safety of rope parks and attractions is the safety of every single element of the park, buildings, supports, the professionalism of the instructors and the quality of the equipment.

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Safety and certification

The Rope Park company consists of three international associations of manufacturers of rope parks and rope courses (PRCA, ACCT, ERCA) and fully adhere to the construction of all standards and norms recommended by these communities. The norms cover a very wide range of requirements, ranging from the quality of construction materials to methods of regular park prevention.
Safety of rope park construction.

During the design of the future park, we carry out a detailed analysis of the terrain and calculations of the strength of the structure (trees) taking into account weather conditions (snow, rain), calculation of wind loads, loads of the maximum number of participants.

According to the requirements of ACCT (American Professional Association), the supporting structure must withstand five times more load than the maximum predicted. We hold views.

We are members of international organizations and work according to their standards:

PRCA ANSI Professional Ropes Course Association.
ACCT The Association for Challenge Course Technology.
ERCA European Ropes Course Association.

Safety stages

When manufacturing stages and belay systems, we use only certified fasteners, ropes and cables. Practically all tasks are performed from rope and cables with iron cores. Stages in which wooden structures are used are designed so that the point of attachment of the tree with the cable is protected by a metal clamp, which allows to avoid damage to the tree and its rapid wear.

Since the tasks are at a height and in case of destruction can cause harm to people who are below at that time, we design all stages without fragile and unreliable parts, with insurance against falls.

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Спорядження для мотузяних парків

Equipment for rope parks

We use equipment from global manufacturers and have UIAA quality certificates, which guarantees one hundred percent safety of the participant. You can read more about the equipment here.

Operational safety.

No matter how perfect the rope park was built, 99% of the participants’ safety depends on the professionalism of the service staff. After the completion of the construction of the park, we are ready to conduct trainings and practical exercises to ensure the safety of your guests. Safety techniques, rescue work and first aid are mandatory points of the program.

Prevention of rope parks

The rope park, like any technical structure, needs regular technical inspections and inspections. We will train your employees on how to conduct basic inspections and provide documentation on this process, but we strongly recommend a general inspection with the involvement of our specialist once every six months.

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