Construction of indoor rope parks

Парк у приміщенні

Everyone is used to the fact that the rope park should be built outside, but if it’s raining, snowing, cold? The number of visitors drops to zero. There are two ways out here, the first is to cover the park from rain, but unfortunately the cover is unlikely to cope with the cold, the second is to build a park indoors.

Indoor rope park

Construction of indoor rope parks and halls is the optimal solution for shopping malls (shopping and entertainment complexes), exhibition pavilions and indoor sports grounds, sports clubs. The park can be organically integrated into the existing entertainment structure. The presence of the park will diversify the leisure time of your visitors and attract new customers.

It is not necessary to use a lot of space for the construction of the park, the advantage of the park is that it can be expanded vertically, saving the area of ​​the room. The park can pass directly above the heads of visitors, attracting their attention.

Будівництво мотузяних парків у приміщеннях
Способи реалізації парку у приміщенні

Methods of implementation of the indoor park

Use of artificial supports for construction. This option is optimal if it is possible to occupy part of the territory. For this, special reliable and strong artificial supports made of wood and metal pipes are used, which allow you to create a multi-level interesting park, and the ease of installation will allow you to build the park in the shortest possible time.

Use of load-bearing piles and building walls for supports. This option is used if supports cannot be used, but it does not have “freedom” in choosing the location (it all depends on the location of the attachment points). The use of natural anchorages will allow to reduce the space occupied by the park, it can be placed directly above the trade pavilions, and for the safety of visitors, the catching net must be stretched under the tasks.

Використання для опор несучі палі та стіни будівлі.

The system of insurance of rope parks in premises

Four insurance options can be used for the park. On the lowest level, the rope attraction for children, we recommend using a safety net. It makes it as easy as possible for small children to pass the track. You can read about the construction of children’s rope parks here.

For more difficult stages, we offer three insurance options, the best use of which depends on the tasks of the ropeway.

Insurance by flipping

Flip insurance is the cheapest and most reliable way of insurance. It is perfect for parks with medium capacity.

Continuous insurance

Continuous insurance is one of the new systems - all insurance cables are combined into a single system, and require additional actions from the participant. Perfect for parks with high capacity.

Instructor insurance

Instructor insurance is used in very rare cases, in places where it is impossible to install one of the options listed above. It is usually used in rope course training.
Замовити будівництво мотузкового парку в приміщенні

Order the construction of an indoor rope park:

Our company is completely open to any of your wishes regarding the modification and refinement of the parameters of the adventure park, provided that these modifications do not affect the safety of the structure. We can easily add to your project a climbing wall, a steep crossing (trolleys, zip-line) or develop an individual stage that will be the highlight of your adventure attraction.

Будівництво парків пригод


After filling out the brief, we start designing a new project. From load calculation to 3D model of the future park.
Будівництво парків пригод


We produce elements of the future park at our production facility. We conduct their safety and durability tests. Cover with protection.
Будівництво парків пригод


We go to the place for the final installation of all elements into a full-fledged park. We are testing the park.
Будівництво парків пригод

Personnel training

We prepare methodical materials for your project and conduct personnel training.
Документація на парк


Preparation of a package of documents, certificates for equipment, passports of attractions and others.
Будівництво парків пригод

Technical support of the project

We carry out prevention and inspection of all elements of the park.

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