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Why should you work with us?


More than 20 years on the market. We built the first rope park in 2002. The site was launched in 2013, which is confirmed by web.archive


We have launched more than 100 successful projects. We have collected quite a lot of our works in the "Projects" section.


We have built attractions in 14 countries around the world. We build all over the world.


The company adheres to international standards, guests. Only high-quality materials and regular audit of attractions.


Construction without damaging the environment. We adhere to European Green Building standards.

Time is money

Our experience allows us to shorten the construction period as much as possible, and we know where you can save money.


We do not build typical projects, each client receives a unique park with its own character and highlight.


We make attractions accessible to all people, regardless of their disabilities.

Our workflow

We build dreams that bring stable income and delight visitors.

Consultation by phone

We will find out what you need, what options there are for solving the problem. We receive the initial data for the creation of the project.

Visit of the specialist to the construction site

Our specialist leaves for measurements and to obtain additional information (geology, number of trees, landscape). Or we ask you to send us the information we need in the form of photos and videos. We discuss the future project, the number of stages and their location.


At this stage, the requirements for the project are determined, the conceptual design is drawn up, the technical characteristics are determined and the project budget is drawn up. It is important to consider local laws and regulations when designing. We create a 3D model if necessary, approve the project with you.

Site preparation and production of elements

We manufacture all the necessary elements of the future park, zipline, playground or other attraction at our production facility. We are preparing the site for installation.

Installation and testing of the finished project

We are starting construction. We install all the elements. After that, we conduct tests of all key blocks. We provide documentation and train your employees.

Your project is ready!