Portable Zipline for children

Купити дитячий Zipline

This alternative zipline is portable and can easily be placed in your backyard. Small dimensions allow you to organize an attraction in a limited space. Height from 3 to 5 meters, length from 25 to 55 meters.

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A portable zipline is a great idea for kids who love adventure and active recreation. It is easily transported and mounted, which allows you to use it almost anywhere, where it is possible to find a suitable attachment point.

Our company offers a portable zipline for children that meets all the necessary safety and quality requirements. It consists of a hanging rope, which is attached to special racks located at a distance from each other.

Our portable zipline has a sturdy construction that ensures maximum safety for children. The ropes are made of special materials that provide maximum strength and wear resistance.

Портативний Zipline для дітей
незабутні враження та яскраві емоції

With our portable zipline for children, you can provide your children with unforgettable experiences and vivid emotions. It’s also a great way to develop coordination and strength, as well as boost self-confidence and a sense of purpose.

If you are interested in a portable zip line for children, please contact us using the feedback form on our website or the phone number provided on the contact page. We will be happy to help you choose the best option for your family or childcare facility.

The children’s trolley can be integrated (built-in) into an already existing playground or rope park.

There are two installation options:

  • build a stationary children’s zipline by ordering it from us.
  • buy a ready-made kit and install it yourself or order installation from us.

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