Dityna Jungle Rope Park, Ryazan

Our team has completed the construction of the first rope park in Ryazan, “Child of the Jungle”. The tracks were opened on June 1, 2014.

Now more details about the rope park in Ryazan “Child of the Jungle”. In the first stages, 3 levels of height were launched (children’s, teenage and adult). But later the rope park will be significantly expanded and supplemented with modern extreme attractions.

Location and ecology

The rope park is located in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation in Ryazan (TsPKiO) near the CSK stadium between the elk monument and the former Green Theater.

Ecology of the park: the trees for the construction of the park were selected with the assistance of the environmental services of Ryazan, they were chosen healthy and reliable, thanks to the ecologists. The trees are not in danger because all structures are attached to them with the help of special ties and protectors to protect the bark, that is, the trunk is compressed and there is no mechanical damage.