Rope park Slovakia, Tayov — Lezeckypark

The company has completed the construction of a rope park in Slovakia. Lezeckypark is a full-fledged adventure park:

Mega swing (giant swing) – 15 meters.

Observation tower (zipline tower) – 15 meters. On the tower there is a climbing ramp for two routes with an automatic TRUBLUE belay system of the company Head Rush Technologies (Rope Park is an official representative).

Another attraction is installed next to the tower: “Free fall” – a QUICKjump jumping system from the Head Rush company, the jump height is 21 meters.

The children’s rope route is more than 80 meters long! All insurance net.

Two routes of medium and high difficulty, each over 320 meters long, have also been built.

On the territory of the park, the company stretched 3 ziplines,

All SpeedRunner insurance is made in Switzerland.

Later, we will describe each element of the Lezeckypar Adventure Park in more detail.

Address: Tajov 211, 976 34, Banská Bystrica