Rope park “Sophiivka”, Uman

Our company built a rope park in Sofiivka, Uman.

Reference: Sofiivka National Dendrological Park (Sofiivka) is a park, a research institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, located in the northern part of the city of Uman, Cherkasy Region of Ukraine, on the banks of the Kamianka River. Nowadays it is a place of rest. About 500,000 people visit it annually. The area is 179.2 hectares.

A new rope park was opened in Sofiivka, Uman. It is located in the Dubinka tract in Grekova Balka.

The rope park offers visitors two rope courses, which differ from each other in different levels of difficulty. Later, on the day of child protection and the official opening of the park, it is planned to open another track – the feature of which will be the presence of three trolls (ziplines) with a total length of more than 150 meters.

Restrictions for the children’s track:

age from 4 years.

Restrictions on the adult (family) route:

height from 1.4 m and weight from 45 kg.

The rope park ensures the safety of visitors. Professional instructors work in the park constantly, conducting briefings before entering the track, explaining work with insurance and rules of behavior on obstacles. A mandatory condition for each guest is insurance and a helmet – an instructor.