Ai-Petri Crimea on foot above the clouds

Хмари під ногами. Оглядовий майданчик.

I would like to share wonderful photos of one wonderful place in Crimea. This is a suspension bridge on Mount Ai-Petri. This bridge consists of two parts leading from the top of the mountain to the teeth. Although this is an extreme attraction, it is completely safe, not only the railings of the bridge protect visitors from falling, but also continuous insurance. In essence, this is a mini Canopy Tours (a network of suspension bridges or trolls). If you have a small area of ​​forest or mountainous terrain, you can contact the Rope Park company for the development of a similar route.

A little about the mountain itself, it is divided into three parts: the main one with a height of 1,234 m, the western and the eastern (1,100 meters). There are also famous teeth on the mountain, which consist of four large protrusions 65-85 meters high and a number of rather small ones on the crest. Now about the name Ai-Petri – it comes from the Greek Saint Peter.

You can get to the mountain by car, it’s a pretty good road with a lot of sharp turns and beautiful views. And also on the cable car from Mishor, by the way, it is the longest unsupported span in Europe.

UPD: The observation deck is currently closed
Вид на гору Ай-Петрі

View of Mount Ai-Petri

Хмари під ногами. Оглядовий майданчик.

Clouds underfoot. Observation deck.

Прогулюючись мостом, можна спостерігати прекрасний пейзаж.

A rope maze inside the installation.

Екстремальна прогулянка з дуже крутим оглядом.

An extreme walk with a very cool view.

Пішки над хмарами Крим Ай-Петрі

It is very easy to feel like a bird when the clouds are under your feet.

Пішки над хмарами Крим Ай-Петрі

The route consists of two bridges, one to the teeth, one back.

Пішки над хмарами Крим Ай-Петрі

If you want a similar project for yourself, we will gladly build it.

Тетера Павел

Тетера Павел

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