Does Sudak have the longest zipline in Ukraine?

У Судаку найдовший zipline в Україні 2

On November 10, the longest trawl in Ukraine was launched in Sudak. The starting point for the zip line was Mount Sokil (a favorite place of climbers in Crimea), the finish point is located on Mount Fortechna in the city of Sudak, opposite the Control Center of the Rescue Service.

The total length of the zipline was 2 kilometers and 22 meters. Maksym Chistyakov made the record run.

У Судаку найдовший zipline в Україні

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to roll on the longest troll, it was stretched only to set the record, and at this moment it has already been removed. Thus, the one-kilometer crossing located not far from Sevastopol can be considered the longest operating trolleybus in Ukraine. Here are its characteristics:

  • length 1 km,
  • drop in height of 200 meters,
  • the average flight time is 40-45 seconds,
  • average speed: 80-90 km/h,
  • maximum passenger weight – 120 kg,
  • the cost of the descent is UAH 200.

Location: the zipline is located above Laspinska Bay, the start is at the observation deck above Batiliman.

Ukrainian extremes managed to break the European record, but, as before, the longest stationary (active) ziplines remain:

  • Jebel Jais Flight is 2,830 meters long
  • “Eye of the Jaguar” zipline with a length of 2130 meters is located in Peru, Sacred Valley
  • Zipline in Sun City, South Africa – 2000 meters long
  • Zipline in Nepal is 1,800 meters long, with a height difference of 610 meters

Descent from the longest zipline in Ukraine

Video of trial runs on trolls:

Another descent video

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Тетера Павел

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