Rope net

Мотузкова сітка

A rope net of a spider's web

Children’s games and sports activities will be filled with fun with the spider web climbing net. It will bring the necessary variety to ordinary sports and general strengthening training.

With such a mesh “web” it is easy to imagine yourself as a real pirate climbing up to the sails or a superhero easily overcoming any difficulties. If such a grid becomes a permanent element of children’s entertainment, then the development of the vestibular apparatus, dexterity and strength will occur evenly due to the correct distribution of the load on all muscle groups. Gladiator webbing is made from durable and strong synthetic fibers woven into ropes that ensure durability and safety as they are specially made for heavy duty outdoor use.

Мотузкова сітка павутиння
Мотузкова сітка павутиння 2

If you attach a frame for stable placement on the playground to the Spider Web climbing net, you will have a full-fledged model of the play complex. Since small children can develop physically only in games, such unobtrusive sports equipment will fit perfectly into any children’s complex and will become indispensable in every yard or playground. Kids who usually can’t go a day without climbing or climbing anywhere will have real fun playing with the “cobweb” climbing net. In addition, it can perform, in addition to the game, a protective function on other attractions, for example, trampolines, and in general, become both a game and a protective element

Climbing net

Will make children’s games and sports activities diverse and interesting. Lazal mesh allows you to use game elements during sports activities. Older children will be happy to imagine themselves as superheroes like Spider-Man or pirates of the Caribbean Sea, climbing the climbing net like a mast. This sports element is an excellent assistant in the development of the vestibular apparatus, dexterity and strength, because when swimming on the grid, the load is distributed over all muscles. The gladiator net is made of durable and strong synthetic fiber ropes that guarantee durability and safety, as they are designed for high loads and outdoor use.

If necessary, the climbing net can be stretched over the frame and a full-fledged play element for the children’s playground will turn out. Physical development of children is possible only with physical exertion during play, and therefore a climbing net can be an excellent sports equipment in play complexes for children and children’s corners right at home or in the yard. This sports element is indispensable in children’s playgrounds, because children get great pleasure climbing on the net. It can also be used as a fence on trampolines, then it will perform two functions at once – protective and playful.

Сітка для лазіння
Огороджувальна сітка

Fence net

Fence netting is mainly used to fence or divide sports fields, but nets have also found use in the entertainment industry and are suitable for fencing trampolines and children’s rooms and labyrinths. The fence net is made of a special strong cord, and the combination with the many years of experience of our specialists guarantees our nets durability and strength, because the production of fence, separation and sports nets is a painstaking, half-hand work. The main technical characteristics of the nets are the cord thickness and size. so, before buying a fencing net, you need to correctly select these parameters for the conditions of its operation, so, for example, if a net is needed in a tennis hall to divide the courts, you must take into account the diameter of the ball so that the ball does not fly through the fencing net.

On our website, you can buy barrier ropes and protective nets for children’s rooms and attractions, sports stadiums and closed sports complexes. All fencing nets are manufactured taking into account all modern standards, on high-tech equipment from high-strength cords made of kapron, nylon, polypropylene, etc. and what is very important can be almost any color. Barrier and partition nets made of kapron made by us guarantee durability and reliability. Barrier nets are one of the integral elements of gymnasiums and football and volleyball fields. They block fans from hitting balls and other sports equipment, as well as protect windows, scoreboards and lighting. Our assortment is full of various types of safety nets, sports nets, you can buy from us not only fence nets, but also any sports nets.

Огороджувальна сітка для парків

Insurance nets

We use this insurance system when building children’s rope parks. Under each element of the park, we stretch nets to catch participants when they fall from the stage. This is a very convenient way to insure children, as it saves small participants from additional equipment, and allows them to move freely throughout the park.

Страхувальні сітки
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