Stages of the rope park

Види мотузяних парків

A rope park cannot exist without obstacles, we bring to your attention a small list of rope stages that are usually used by us in the design and construction of rope parks

Simple rope stages


The participant will have to walk between platforms on swinging suspension platforms. To maintain balance, you can stick to the ropes on which the platforms hang.


Coordination tasks. Walking into the strut with taut ropes, you can’t lose your sense of balance for a second.


The contestant must reach the far platform through a maze of crossed ropes. All elements of the task can be used to support legs and arms.


It is necessary to pass through a rigidly fixed beam. The task is complicated by the fact that there is no support for the hands, and the participant has to rely only on a sense of balance.


The participant must walk along a horizontally stretched rope, holding on to the zigzag rope.


The participant has to walk along a suspended, swaying log, holding onto the support ropes with his hands.


It is not so difficult to walk along a tight rope if you use hand supports.


Boards fixed on a steel cable and arranged in a checkerboard pattern. You can easily step from one board to another, however, in order not to trip, you need to carefully look under your feet.


It is necessary to go to the far platform on platforms rigidly fixed on cables. The distance between the platforms is enough to easily take a small step over the abyss.


Walking zigzag from the boards and holding the ropes with his hands, the participant must walk to the far platform. Tasks can be made more difficult or easier by adjusting the length of the boards.


This is the easiest task for a warm-up. Walking on a fixed rope and holding hands for balance, you only need to carefully look under your feet.

Rope stages of medium difficulty


The participant will have to walk along the suspended logs, holding on to the ropes.


In this task, you need to go to the far platform on suspended ropes.


The participant has to go through the suspended bars, holding on to the ropes. The bars are extremely unstable. This task requires excellent coordination.


The participant needs to reach the far platform by moving from one tire to another.


Moving crayfish, you need to crawl from one barrel to another. The most difficult moment is to climb from the barrel into the tub – at this moment it seems that there is absolutely no support under the feet.


Walking along the rope and holding on to the vines, you need to get to the far platform.


The participant must walk along the logs suspended at an angle to each other, holding on to the ropes.


A complicated version of the task with suspended logs. The most difficult thing here is not to stumble while walking on the downward sloping beam.


A stretched fabric sling is a test for real balancers. Unless, of course, you play this game fair and don’t stick to the lifeline.


The distance between the boards is just a wide step. But, when taking a step, you need to be careful and composed so as not to get caught in the middle of a split.


Horizontal ropes fastening the entire structure simplify the task, turning it into some kind of suspended net.


Left-right, left-right. Stepping from one suspended rope to another, you need to carefully monitor that the ropes, and with them, the legs, do not move in different directions.


Walking along the rope and holding on to the vines, you need to get to the far platform.


The competitor must reach the far platform using a snowboard suspended on a block.


The competitor must reach the far platform using skis suspended on a block.


A small element of a rope crossing. The participant, strapping himself into a loop fixed on a moving block, will have to cross the chasm.

Difficult rope stages


The size of the wedding ring is just enough to insert one or even two feet into it. Sometimes hanging on his hands, but mainly using his legs for support, the participant must reach the far platform.


This is one of the most difficult tasks that only real athletes can do. The participant must overcome a distance of several meters, relying only on arm strength.


The bars are extremely unstable, because you have to not only hold on to one of them, but also take a step forward.


The participant will have to walk along the deck from one platform to another. The task is complicated by the fact that there are practically no supports for the hands and it is necessary to keep the balance with the help of the whole body. This is a complex task to coordinate.


The boards in this task are located very often and it is easy to take a step. But you should only miss a little past the center and you will easily overturn the entire structure.


The boards in this unstable design are small in size and are located at a considerable distance from each other. Rests under the arms will be excellent support in case of a mistake and will help to maintain balance.


By moving the rope pedals from one hook to another, the contestant must overcome these difficult tasks, which require excellent coordination and patience.

Тетера Павел

Тетера Павел

Засновник компанії Rope Park. Головний спеціаліст по проєктуванню мотузкових парків, парків розваг та благоустрою міст. Досвід понад 23 роки.

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