The business idea is a rope park

Ідея бізнесу — мотузковий парк

Feel like a real rock climber. A rope park on trees or supports, consisting of trolls, webs and other obstacles, reflects costs in only six months of operation.

In the countries of Eastern Europe, the business of rope parks is only gaining momentum. Although the whole of Western Europe is practically covered with adventure parks, this is one of the most popular types of family holidays. There are more than 50 rope parks and towns in Switzerland.

Thai parks, rope parks, and rope parks are often the names of this active type of recreation in the CIS countries, which brings considerable profit to its owners.

In neighboring countries, rope parks have already reached the peak of their popularity. In Poland, on the territory of Krakow, there are 30 large rope parks.

мотузковий парк як бізнес

Where to get customers for the park?

Specialists conducted research and found out that the most important visitors to rope parks in the CIS are children. For example, in Europe, the main visitors to parks are adults, 15% – children under 10 years old, 25% – teenagers, 50% – adults from 20 to 50 years old and 10% – people over 50 years old.

For optimal payback of the park, it is worth remembering the uniqueness of the park, you should not completely lick the European park, be sure to adapt it to the mentality of our country. And be sure to turn on 2-3 lanes for children. You can read more about the construction of children’s rope parks here. According to experts in the CIS countries, the breakdown of visitors is as follows: adults 35%, children 65%.

A rope park is a family vacation, it should also be designed for routes for adults, not just for children. Therefore, we would not advise you to focus only on children, recently rope attractions have increasingly started to be used for training for employees of large companies. The special training is called a rope course.

Де взяти клієнтів для парку?

How much does the rope park cost?

To create a small park consisting of one or two levels, $8,000 will be needed. The cost of building a rope park in a closed room will be 25-30% more expensive. But do not forget that each park is a unique structure and requires a separate calculation.

  • Depending on the type of insurance and the size of the park, from two to three to five instructors (an instructor can be any employee who has completed a special training course in mountaineering skills). Salary – from $250.
  • One or two managers, monitoring the operation of the entire process. Salary from $400.
  • Security – if there is a need.
  • We also recommend that you conclude a contract with an insurance company and include the cost of insurance in the ticket price. Usually, the cost of the participant’s insurance does not exceed one dollar.

Advertising will attract a lot of additional costs. To attract a large number of visitors to the park, you will need billboards, banners, flyers, and a website. If you order the construction of a rope park from the “Rope Park” company, you will receive a ready-made website with the domain YOUR NAME.Rope-Park.com absolutely free of charge.

Скільки коштує мотузковий парк?


So, we have come to the last and most important point. Below we have calculated the average statistical income from an average-sized park:

  • Out of 500 potential customers per day, 20% will buy the service
  • i.e. 500 customers * 20% = 100 customers
  • The average check is $8
  • Rainy days – 5 days
  • Revenue = 100 customers * $8 * 25 days = $20,000 per month
  • Net profit per month (seasonal) = 20,000 – 4,050 = 15,950

Return on investment: 25,800 / 15,950 = 1,617 (about 2 months)

You can read more about the rope park business plan here.

Прибуток мотузкового парку

Legislative issue

How do you agree with the authorities, since rope parks are not legally regulated at this time.

Most representatives of the authorities vaguely hint that something should be coordinated with them, although they hardly understand what. But “how” is still presented.

We will gladly help solve this issue, provide all certificates for equipment and elements of the park, as well as the object’s passport, and other documents that will be necessary.

If you are interested in opening a rope park business, our company will gladly advise you on all issues. We will draw up a business plan for the park with all calculations. Call!

Тетера Павел

Тетера Павел

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