Skycycle – air bicycle

Skycycle - air bicycle

Roller coasters in the Japanese district of Okayama do not tickle the nerves with dizzying loops or high speeds. The “highlight” of the Skycycle attraction is a fragile carriage in the form of a trolley, which passengers will have to move themselves.

The unusual attraction is located in the Brazilian theme park Washuzan Highland. From the outside, it looks like a roller coaster, but visitors here do not close their eyes from fear – because in order to reach the finish line, they need to pedal all the time.

Carts in the form of a tandem bicycle are moved by the passengers themselves. At a height of at least 16 meters, brave people can enjoy a magnificent view of the coast and islands of the Sea of ​​Japan, as well as the majestic Seto Bridges.

Skycycle - повітряний велосипед

Unlike most attractions, the Skycycle design is very open – visitors are fastened to the seat with a single belt, and a flirty basket is provided for personal belongings. The lack of auxiliary rails, which provide additional safety in other attractions, adds more Extreme to the trip.

Although the Skycycle is already quite an old attraction, a new wave of popularity of “bike rides” at the Washuzan Highland amusement park was brought by the publication of a photo on Twitter by one of the visitors of a couple of tourists on a weightless trolley rolling over the horizon.

The Brazilian theme of the Washuzan Highland park, where the “relogorkas” are located, is a reference to the times when international travel was a novelty for the Japanese and theme parks gave at least some insight into foreign cultures.

Skycycle - повітряний велосипед

It should be noted that the Skycycle in the Washuzan Highland Park was included in the TOP-5 strangest attractions in the world back in 2008, according to the British The Telegraph. What could be more Brazilian than a bike ride among the treetops. Strapped to a cart with a small strap, you will feel all the fear of a tourist who finds himself in the slums of Rio de Janeiro,” the publication wrote.

From similar attractions, you can single out the “Roller Coaster” zipline. If you want to build a “bike park” in your city, we will be happy to help you with this project.

Skycycle - повітряний велосипед

The photo that created a wave of interest in the Skycycle in 2014.

Skycycle - повітряний велосипед

Clouds underfoot. Observation deck.

Skycycle - повітряний велосипед

Wagon-bicycle design.

Skycycle - повітряний велосипед

Have a desire to go for a ride???

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